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I haven’t been doing much lately, just being really lazy. I recently finished my break and am now back to college. Break was nice and relaxing with a lot of eating and baking and shopping. I visited the Good Food and Wine Show which was great! Bought HEAPS of things to fill up the pantry, our granny trolley was SO heavy by midday. The stand outs this year were all the fruit ciders on offer. I have a new love for pear cider. Yum! But onto the food..

I recently visited Foveaux with the boyfriend. I had heard some good things from the ‘sister-in-law’ and some others, so when there was a deal to visit the restaurant, I jumped at the opportunity.

Oyster with chardonnay vinegar pearls and salmon roe

Caramelised pigs head and black pudding terrine, crunchy breaded ears, apple, celery, breakfast radish and red wine paint.

Crispy chicken wings, morel cream, sweet corn, jamon, scampi and shiso.

Mushroom pearl barley, parsley, fondant leeks, crispy enoki mushrooms and carrot air.

Roast king salmon, zucchini puree, cuttle fish, green olive jelly, coriander and popped skin.

Green beans with confit garlic, oregano and lemon.

Salad of pineapple, milk sorbet and macadamia nut praline.

Strawberry parfait, pistachio wafers, peppermint tea jelly and strawberry sorbet.

Overall the food was pretty good. The only criticism I have about the food is that the salmon was REALLY fishy. It was to the extent where it was giving me a headache. However, all the dishes were so light, yet filling. The service is great and even though the restaurant is quite open, the ambiance is still quite romantic and private. It’s a nice place for a date with someone special. ❤

When the bill came, it made me shocked but it also made me smile. The shock…my thin glass of orange juice, filled with ice cost $7. The smile…

…and yes I did stay in the lines.

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

65-67 Foveaux Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
T: (02) 9211 0669

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Sorry *sad face*

Hi Everyone,

I have seriously been MIA every since I got back from the cruise, or I would ever say as far back as when I came back from America. Let’s just begin with 2011 in general.

What has been happening with my life?


  • New Years
  • College (end of trimester which meant stack of assessments)
  • Chinese New Year
  • America
  • America
  • College (beginning of trimester)
  • Taste of Sydney
  • College (groupwork >_<)
  • South Pacific Cruise
  • College (more groupwork)
  • Mother’s Day (I love my mum, she bought me bananas!)
  • Cairns (cheap $5.99/kg bananas!)
  • College (end of trimester)
College work has just been piling on and the stress has been killing me. It’s a never ending cycle. I absolutely loathe groupwork. I hate having to work in groups. I am lucky if I’m in a group where everyone is willing to put in the same effort, but sometimes you get that one person in your group who really can’t be bothered and relies on the rest of the group to pull them through. Now I’m just ranting. Sorry.
For a while I was UN-happynomnomnom. =( Which makes me sad because usually I’m so happy. But food has become my de-stresser, but then bad food makes me cranky. It’ll never be a win-win situation for me. But now I’m on holidays. It was quite funny to have one of my lectures come up to me and say, “So Daphne, are you going anywhere on your holidays? You seem to like traveling during the trimester.” My response: “Erm, I’m actually not going anywhere. But…I might go to Melbourne.” I didn’t even realise I was traveling during the trimester and now that it’s break I don’t really have anything planned.
I will leave you all with some photos taken from my latest adventure to Cairns. These were taken in our BEAUTIFUL Great Barrier Reef. It is hands down one of the most beautiful things I have seen in my life. If I manage to motivate myself I will post up a blog about my adventure.
The fish swam so close!
Massive Queensland Grouper. It was at least 1 meter in length!
Beautiful fish and coral.
 Feeding frenzy for fish.
Last, but not least…
BANANA! It was $1, but so worth it. I would’ve bought a stack if I was allowed to bring it back to Sydney. Alas, the woman selling these said we weren’t allowed to. =(
Happy nom nom nom-ing!

Happy Mother’s Day!

To my mummykins,

Happy Mother’s Day! I love you.

Thank you for supporting me on my little food escapades.

Happy nom nom nom-ing!


Today is my blogoversary! I can’t believe it’s been one year already. So much has happened in the past year. I’ve eaten so much nice food, met so many other bloggers and chefs. I’ve had so much fun! Thank you for everyone’s support especially to the boyfriend who supports me in all my food adventures. I hope there are many more years to come! I love you all!

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

South Pacific Cruise

At this moment I will be boarding the Pacific Jewel for a trip to the South Pacific. I won’t be back for 10 days so there will be no posts until then. I hope to eat a lot of nice food on the cruise and take heaps of pictures of their dishes. Mr Pricklepants will be going with me so his adventure continues.

I find it weird how in Summer I head to America where it was cold, and now that the weather is getting colder in Sydney, I am heading to the South Pacific where it is warm. But that’s just how the way I roll. Until then..

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

You know what I’ve always wondered…?

I’ve always wondered how bloggers can cook and take photos of the entire process. I’ve tried before but I always get so into cooking that I can miss nearly all the steps and only have pictures of the ingredients and end product. Do bloggers have someone there to hold the camera? But I’m the type of person who likes cooking by themself, I don’t even like people hovering over me while I cook. I do enjoy cooking and I want to share recipes with you all, but I don’t know how to do it. =(

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

Happy 6 Years!

I know I’ve been neglecting this blog a bit and I feel bad, but there will be a post up soon.

On another note, tonight the boyfriend and I went to District Dining to celebrate 6 years since we started going out. Ah, I was so young then. District Dining was as good as always but their lighting was not suitable for photos so there are none.

Look forward to a post soon!

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

Taste of Sydney 2011 update

I am sad to announce that I have lost all my photos from both Taste of Sydney days. My memory stick for my camera has become corrupt so I must go out and buy another one. It is a bummer but I will still write about the food I tried at the Taste of Sydney. Sometimes I just hate technology.

UN-Happy nom nom nom-ing!

Taste of Sydney 2011

Although I was slightly disappointed by Taste of Sydney last year, I shall be attending this year’s event not once but twice. My disappointment from last year’s event mainly stemmed from the bad weather and having to trudge through the damp and muddy grounds. Also, my expectation was that it would be like the Good Food and Wine Show. However I am willing to give Taste of Sydney another chance and will be attending this year’s event.

Taste of Sydney actually starts tomorrow Thursday 10 March and runs until Sunday 13 March. There are a range of sessions available, but I assume their busiest days will be Saturday and Sunday.

I like the idea of how restaurants are able to provide a sample (at a price) of some of their signature dishes at a much lower price than what would be expected at their restaurants. It not only gives the restaurants and chefs an opportunity to promote themselves, but give people a taste of what they have to offer. The samples of food range from $8-$12, which are purchased using ‘crowns’. ‘Crowns’ are used as currency in Taste of Sydney to avoid the unhygienic fumbling of cash whilst trying to serve food. Although this way they can guarantee the sale of ‘crowns’ even if they are not all used as you can only purchase them in books of 30 crowns.

There are also many demonstrations, Q & A sessions, cocktail making classes and coffee appreciation sessions. Also, if you’re a HSBC customer, HSBC has designed a premium VIP Lounge on-site at Taste of Sydney exclusively for HSBC Customers. Simply make your way to the HSBC VIP Lounge, show your HSBC Card at the HSBC Customer Entry and you and a friend can enjoy a complimentary beverage and a comfortable seating environment with live entertainment. I know where I’ll be when I get tired.

If you do plan on going I suggest you pre-purchase tickets as they are slightly cheaper than buying them at the door.

I will be attending this Friday’s noon-4pm session and this Saturday’s 5:30pm-9:30pm session. Hopefully I’ll see some of you guys there.

If you want to see the menus on offer, the restaurants participating or just more information, click here.

Happy nom nom nom-ing!


Hey y’all!

Hey y’all!
How has everyone been? Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. I’m currently on the tour bus on my way to the lovely city of buffets, Las Vegas! San Francisco has been great and I’ve been eating so much Chinese and Vietnamese food. But I really wanted to eat some American fast food. When my mum and I headed to Los Angeles, I was adamant that we would eat junk food, and boy we did! It’s kind of scary eating so much junk food. American “small” is an Australian medium. Every time my mum and I would be full after sharing a “small” meal. Hopefully we can survive the array of buffets in the city that never sleeps. Until then…
Happy nom nom nom-ing!

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