Japanese Curry!

I made Japanese curry last night! The first time I made it was up in Gosford during the Easter break. I was so excited when everyone took that first bite and they loved it. My friend Tommy suggested that I make him some curry the other night and that got my mouth watering. Unfortunately he was busy last night so he didn’t even get to come over for dinner. But I made some for the boyfriend.

I drove to Northbridge Plaza where it was my one-stop-shop/plaza for my grocery needs. As I entered Tokyo Mart, I could feel the Japanese culture surrounding me. I always love going into Japanese supermarkets/shops/restaurants. It just seems so warm and inviting. There always so many exciting and interesting knick-knacks. But I tried to not get too distracted and made a bee-line for the curry sauce mix. There was so many choices compared to the small Japanese supermarkets in Artarmon. But I picked up the one that I had used the week before: S & B Golden Curry Mild Sauce Mix. Essentially there are 2 packets inside so you can either use 1 to make a small pot of curry, or both to make a bigger pot. Which is good because there is no pressure for you to use it all in one go if you’re only planning on making a small meal. I find it really easy to use. I also headed up to Woolworths to buy some vegetables and ingredients used to make chocolate mousse.

After my shopping adventure, I headed back to my boyfriend’s place. I managed to get 5 bags of groceries and a 5kg bag of rice up the lift with the help of the family upstairs. Thank you!

As I entered his apartment, the cooking adventure began. I placed everything on the kitchen bench and quickly got to work by prepping the vegetables. I diced 2 large onions and put them in a bowl. I then peeled and sliced 4 medium sized carrots, 4 medium sized potatoes and 2 small sized sweet potatoes into bite size pieces (approximately 2cm x 2cm) and placed them in a separate bowl. I then cubed 750g of gravy beef and set it aside. I personally prefer to prep the vegetables first then the meat. I find that it is more hygienic that way. Plus I don’t have to waste water in washing the chopping board over and over again.

Then the real cooking began. I stir-fried the beef with the onion in oil until the meat had browned slightly and the onions became transparent. Make sure to keep on stirring to avoid anything getting burnt. As the meat and onion cooks, the aroma is just divine. You just feel like taking the pot off the stove and devouring all right then and there. But you have to be patient and the result will be even better. After the meat and onion have browned slight, you can add all the vegetables and stir it around in the pot. Here you can add the boiling water. As I learnt from my boyfriend, I poured enough water into the pot to just cover the vegetables. Although the measurement doesn’t follow the instructions on the packet, the curry with turn out fine, don’t worry. Reduce the heat and cover the pot, leaving a small gap to avoid a bubbling overflow. Simmer for about 15 min and go do something productive, but nearby. I went to wash and cook some rice, then watch television. I went to check on the pot every 5 min. After 15 min, prick a carrot with a fork to see if it has cooked yet. If it has, add the S & B Golden Curry cubes and stir until completely melted. Simmer for a further 5 min, stirring constantly. Have a taste and see if it’s too salty or too thick. If it’s too salty or too thick, add some more water until the taste or thickness you desire. I found it perfect. Serve it over some fluffy rice.

I served the curry over rice with a side dish of some blanched green beans in soy sauce. I know my photography skills are bad, but it looked a lot better in real life. The boyfriend enjoyed it.
“The sauce is thick and it sticks to the rice. I can eat it with a pair of chopsticks which is a very good thing. It’s very nice and it’s what curry should be like.” – the boyfriend.

I was very happy with the result and think I will make it again when winter rolls around. I also made the boyfriend help me make bittersweet chocolate mousse. But that’s for another post. I hope people try making japanese curry as it is so easy and oh-so-delicious! But if you’re lazy, place this recipe in front of a loved one and hopefully they’ll make it for you.

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

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