Bel Mondo, Sydney – Sugar Hit 2010

Before Sugar Hit, I had never heard of Bel Mondo. I decided to give this restaurant that I had never heard of a chance due to the fact that their Sugar Hit sounded delicious. I had been warned when making a booking that the restaurant was hard to find. They were NOT joking! The boyfriend and I parked relatively close and it still took a while for us to find the restaurant. After scrolling through Google Maps on my phone and then having to ask someone, we made our way up a flight of stairs into the darkness and found Bel Mondo tucked away an elevated part of The Rocks.

My first impression of the restaurant, it seemed very exclusive. The everyday man/woman would not just stumble across this restaurant. It made the experience seem that much more special. The boyfriend pushed through some large doors (I had never had luck with large doors, I don’t have the strength) and we entered the bar area. There was a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. The bar area connected through to the dining area where I could see the somewhat romantic ambiance. It looked very warm. As we were having Sugar Hit, we were informed that it would be served in the bar area. We choose a nice comfy lounge against the wall where we could see the open kitchen. There were other patrons that looked excited to try out the Sugar Hit. We waited patiently (although I was very fidgety, I’ve never been very patient) for the waiter to come. He seemed very stressed and it looked like it had been a busy night. The bench was covered in bottles of empty wine and wine glasses. However, with the lighting, the array of glasses just looked like decorations.

The waiter, Alex, finally set up our cutlery for our Sugar Hit and was very nice when I informed him I couldn’t drink. I ordered an orange juice instead and he offered to make it ‘special’ with a little twist. A little twist? I hope he didn’t mean vodka.

Brown Brothers Dessert Wine
Twice the amount of what the other customers received as the waiter put my share into the boyfriend’s glass as well.

Orange Juice with a splash of Guava Nectar and a squeeze of Blood Orange and Lime
This was quite nice, one of my new favourite drinks. The splash of guava took away sourness from the orange juice and it made the drink really smooth. Downside to this drink I was given, there was still a fruit sticker on the blood orange.

Orange Juice with Guava Nectar and Brown Brothers Dessert Wine
Do you see the fruit sticker I had to remove from the blood orange?

Poached Pear and Medjool Date with Hazelnut Praline Ice Cream, Spiced French Toast and Butterscotch Sauce
The piece de resistance of Bel Mondo’s Sugar Hit. The dessert was lovely and was not overly sweet. Each element worked with each other to create a harmony of flavours.

Spiced French Toast
The french toast was nice and warm with a slightly crispy outer layer. It’s quite different to the french toast that I’m used to from Hong Kong style restaurants. This french toast had notes of cinnamon which gave a warmth to the dish. The softness of the inside was quite pleasant to eat.

Poached Pear and Medjool Date with Hazelnut Praline Ice Cream and Butterscotch Sauce
The poached pear accentuated the natural sweetness of the fruit. The pear was soft but there was still a slight bite to it. Medjool dates are prized dates eaten in Middle Eastern cuisine. They are known to be extremely sweet which I thought overpowered this dish. The hazelnut praline ice cream was delightful. However, it was very soft and began to melt as soon as the dessert was put in front of me. The butterscotch sauce was rich and went well with the ice cream.

When most elements of a dish are this good on their own, they become even better when eaten together. The warmth of the french toast melted the ice cream in my mouth, while the pears creates a burst of natural sweetness. The different textures in my mouth worked well together. The dessert was finished in no time at all. I hate it when something this good has to end. The only negative comment I shall give on this dessert is that I found the medjool dates overpowering and way too sweet. The boyfriend enjoyed it though, but he was not willing to finish my dates. Overall a very pleasant dish. The food, the ambiance and the service all receive top marks from me.

This Sugar Hit was part of what I was trying to explain when describing the Sydney International Food Festival. I was able to visit a restaurant that I normally would not be able to see when I walk past The Rocks. I was introduced to a different restaurant where I’m eager to visit sometime in the future.

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

Bel Mondo
Gloucester Walk
The Rocks NSW 2000
T: (02) 9241 3700











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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. monica
    Oct 21, 2010 @ 09:30:43

    perhaps the “something special” was the orange sticker he left on LOL
    I didn’t finish my Medjool date either, left it to my friend who happily cleaned the plate 🙂


  2. Alessandra
    Oct 21, 2010 @ 10:16:21

    The place was nice, but I cannot believe they had still a sticker on the orange…

    Good blog btw



  3. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella
    Oct 21, 2010 @ 20:16:43

    The main meals here are very good too although I agree it is hard to find which can be part of the appeal! 🙂


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