Y Frozen Yoghurt Bar – Neutral Bay, Sydney

Now I’m the type of person who absolutely loves frozen yoghurt. I find it refreshing and not as heavy or creamy as ice cream. The tang and the tartness makes it a light dessert that doesn’t weigh you down so late at night.

While talking through Neutral Bay a couple of months ago, I walked past the Y Frozen Yoghurt Bar. The concept is great, make-your-own frozen yoghurt. Obviously you don’t literally make it, but you do fill up our own cup and top it up with a variety of toppings to choose from, then all you have to do is weigh and pay. There is no complaining of getting not enough yoghurt, or not enough toppings.

After a night of partying and rides at Luna Park for this year’s Movember Gala Parté, the boyfriend and I decided to drive to Neutral Bay to cool down with some frozen yoghurt.

As you enter Y Frozen Yoghurt Bar, you are met with a bright open area. The assistant behind the counter asks if you’ve ever been there before. If you haven’t she explains the whole process and you are one step closer to tasting delicious frozen yoghurt.

At the back of the store are the frozen yoghurt machines and the instructions plastered on the wall.

On this occasion, there were four flavours to choose from: Original, Mango, Passionfruit, Greentea.

Instructions to how to make your frozen yoghurt. It is quite fun doing it yourself.

My mixture of swirls.
Top left going clockwise: Mango, Original, Greentea, Passionfruit.

Choice of toppings: Muesli, Passionfruit Pulp, Dried Fruit.

More toppings: Mini M&M’s, Oreos, Desiccated Coconut, Chocolate Drops, Almond Flakes, Cereal, Gummi Bears, Yoghurt Drops, Tim Tams.
Sorry about the bad photo, yoghurt was meeeeeelting.

Tada! The boyfriend and my creations. You will never guess how much this cost us…it cost us $18.00, yes, you read that right, $18.00 in total! Overpriced much?

The boyfriend’s creation: Greentea and Mango Frozen Yoghurt with Gummi Bears and Almond Flakes.

My creation: Original, Mango, Passionfruit and Greentea Frozen Yoghurt with Gummi Bears and Oreos.

There are seats and tables for you to sit and munch on your creations. I spent most of the time munching and in disbelief in how expensive my cup of frozen yoghurt was.

The pricing of the frozen yoghurt is as follows:

FroYo with toppings          $3.30 – 100g
(mix & match allowed)

FroYo without toppings          $3.00 – 100g
(mix & match allowed)

FroYo in a cone          $4.00
(single flavour & no toppings)

Fruit Parfait          $6.50
(original froyo & 2 fruit & granola)

Take away tubs          $10.00

Yes, the frozen yoghurt was nice. And yes, it did satisfy my cravings. The whole concept is great, but I think they should put down their prices a little bit. Even if it was $2.50 per 100g, our frozen yoghurts still would have been at a reasonable price of approximate $13. While our two cups of frozen yoghurt cost us $18.00, we could’ve easily bought two tubs for $10.00 each, which meant we would’ve gotten even more frozen yoghurt. The pricing is a little bit deceptive once you’ve realised what you’ve done, but by then it’s too late. As humans, our perception of weight isn’t the best and this is where they get us.

In comparison to other frozen yoghurt bars such as wowcow, Y Frozen Yoghurt Bar is heavily overpriced. While I probably won’t return to this store soon, I may return if I have a craving after dinner and can’t be bothered driving out to the city. However, they should consider lowering their prices to increase traffic to their store, but maybe they are going for that part of the market that is willing to pay $9 for a cup of froyo.

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

Y Frozen Yoghurt Bar Neutral Bay
180 Military Road
Neutral Bay NSW 2089


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. chocolatesuze
    Dec 03, 2010 @ 09:22:50

    yum mango yoghurt and lol i think i would go overboard adding toppings hee gummy bears!


  2. Sara @ Belly Rumbles
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 13:13:13

    I agree with Suze, I would go mad with the toppings.


  3. Daphne
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 17:59:48

    @Suze and Sara: I would’ve put more topping on but my cup was already overflowing. I had to ‘glue’ some gummi bears onto the frozen yoghurt. Anything gummi is the best!


  4. Christina
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 19:09:29

    You should totally check out Twisted FrozenYoghurt at Bondi = AMAZING! I love it. Best Fro Yo ever!


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