Hello Everyone!

I’ve had a huge passion of food for a very very long time now. I enjoy cooking. I enjoy eating. I enjoy trying out different things. I enjoy watching the Food Channel. I’ve wanted to start a food blog for some time now. I read other people’s food blogs and I’m always in awe. I drool as I read them. I yearn to go out to all these different places to try out different foods. I wouldn’t call myself picky, but then again, I am. I choose what I eat. There are certain things that I will avoid like a plague. But if something is really delicious, I will go back for more.

I like to analyse the food I am eating. I guess I get this habit from my dad. As he is a chef, he analyses all the food he eats. Maybe that’s why I’m so scared to cook for him. I know my food tastes nice and all, but I guess I would be heartbroken if he scrutinizes every aspect of a meal I have prepared. Just like when I serve my boyfriend or my friends. Whenever they take a bite out of a meal I have prepared. For that split second, I hold my breath and watch their expression. Then this sequence goes through my mind: “Will they like it? Is it disgusting? Say something!” When they don’t say anything, I feel a little bit down. I start thinking the worst: “I shouldn’t have added this. I shouldn’t have done that. What did I do wrong?” But then my loving boyfriend pipes up and tells me how delicious the meal is. Those couple of sentences make my day. I’m all cheery and sometimes even willing to do the dishes after the meal. But usually I’m so full from the meal, the boyfriend has to load the dishwasher.

So with this passion. I have decided to enter into the food blogging world. Hopefully there will be pictures, recipes and invites to my dinner parties. Sharing is caring right? Just not with an absolutely delectable dish.

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

Feel free to contact me at: tabby_chiro@hotmail.com


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