Sorry *sad face*

Hi Everyone,

I have seriously been MIA every since I got back from the cruise, or I would ever say as far back as when I came back from America. Let’s just begin with 2011 in general.

What has been happening with my life?


  • New Years
  • College (end of trimester which meant stack of assessments)
  • Chinese New Year
  • America
  • America
  • College (beginning of trimester)
  • Taste of Sydney
  • College (groupwork >_<)
  • South Pacific Cruise
  • College (more groupwork)
  • Mother’s Day (I love my mum, she bought me bananas!)
  • Cairns (cheap $5.99/kg bananas!)
  • College (end of trimester)
College work has just been piling on and the stress has been killing me. It’s a never ending cycle. I absolutely loathe groupwork. I hate having to work in groups. I am lucky if I’m in a group where everyone is willing to put in the same effort, but sometimes you get that one person in your group who really can’t be bothered and relies on the rest of the group to pull them through. Now I’m just ranting. Sorry.
For a while I was UN-happynomnomnom. =( Which makes me sad because usually I’m so happy. But food has become my de-stresser, but then bad food makes me cranky. It’ll never be a win-win situation for me. But now I’m on holidays. It was quite funny to have one of my lectures come up to me and say, “So Daphne, are you going anywhere on your holidays? You seem to like traveling during the trimester.” My response: “Erm, I’m actually not going anywhere. But…I might go to Melbourne.” I didn’t even realise I was traveling during the trimester and now that it’s break I don’t really have anything planned.
I will leave you all with some photos taken from my latest adventure to Cairns. These were taken in our BEAUTIFUL Great Barrier Reef. It is hands down one of the most beautiful things I have seen in my life. If I manage to motivate myself I will post up a blog about my adventure.
The fish swam so close!
Massive Queensland Grouper. It was at least 1 meter in length!
Beautiful fish and coral.
 Feeding frenzy for fish.
Last, but not least…
BANANA! It was $1, but so worth it. I would’ve bought a stack if I was allowed to bring it back to Sydney. Alas, the woman selling these said we weren’t allowed to. =(
Happy nom nom nom-ing!