Foveaux – Surry Hills, Sydney


I haven’t been doing much lately, just being really lazy. I recently finished my break and am now back to college. Break was nice and relaxing with a lot of eating and baking and shopping. I visited the Good Food and Wine Show which was great! Bought HEAPS of things to fill up the pantry, our granny trolley was SO heavy by midday. The stand outs this year were all the fruit ciders on offer. I have a new love for pear cider. Yum! But onto the food..

I recently visited Foveaux with the boyfriend. I had heard some good things from the ‘sister-in-law’ and some others, so when there was a deal to visit the restaurant, I jumped at the opportunity.

Oyster with chardonnay vinegar pearls and salmon roe

Caramelised pigs head and black pudding terrine, crunchy breaded ears, apple, celery, breakfast radish and red wine paint.

Crispy chicken wings, morel cream, sweet corn, jamon, scampi and shiso.

Mushroom pearl barley, parsley, fondant leeks, crispy enoki mushrooms and carrot air.

Roast king salmon, zucchini puree, cuttle fish, green olive jelly, coriander and popped skin.

Green beans with confit garlic, oregano and lemon.

Salad of pineapple, milk sorbet and macadamia nut praline.

Strawberry parfait, pistachio wafers, peppermint tea jelly and strawberry sorbet.

Overall the food was pretty good. The only criticism I have about the food is that the salmon was REALLY fishy. It was to the extent where it was giving me a headache. However, all the dishes were so light, yet filling. The service is great and even though the restaurant is quite open, the ambiance is still quite romantic and private. It’s a nice place for a date with someone special. ❤

When the bill came, it made me shocked but it also made me smile. The shock…my thin glass of orange juice, filled with ice cost $7. The smile…

…and yes I did stay in the lines.

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

65-67 Foveaux Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
T: (02) 9211 0669

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Prince Restaurant – Parramatta, Sydney

Yum cha is always best when you have a lot of people. You get to try so many different foods without having force yourself to have another serving of the name dish. Yum cha is always great with family (because it means I don’t have to pay), but friends are great as well (explaining the elements of each dish).

My place of choice to go yum cha is a 30 minute drive from my place (on a good day). However, I do make the effort to go quite often as my dad is the head dim sum chef there. I think my tastes towards yum cha have been skewed by my dad’s cooking and I don’t think there are many other yum cha restaurants that are as good, but that’s what I grew up with. The restaurant’s popularity supports my views that Prince Restaurant is quite good for yum cha.

On a previous post about another yum cha restaurant, Eastern Treasures Seafood Restaurant, I spent hours trying to find the chinese name to each dish. As New Years is approaching, I still have much to do, so I will include my engrish and english translation of each dish.

Ham Sui Gok (Combination Pork Dumplings)
Deep fried rice flour dumplings with a pork and vegetable filling. The dough is my favourite part, it is a mixture of crunchy, sticky and sweet.

Wu Gok (Crispy Taro Turnovers/Taro Dumplings)
Boiled and mashed purple taro and pork is encased in a light and crunchy pastry. The pastry is so delicate and it just melts in your mouth.

Boneless Duck Feet
This dish is served cold, similar to white chicken feet. This dish is quite chewy and the sauce gives it a little bit of tang. It comes with some wakame which is always nice. But, I don’t think I would order this dish again though, even though I love white chicken feet.

Phoenix Claw (Chicken Feet)
The chicken feet are flash fried then stewed in a sauce of black fermented beans, bean paste and sugar. This is one of the more common dishes at yum cha, people from around the world have heard about this dish. The objective is to suck off all the meat, skin and sauce and leave the bones. My mum has always said you have to eat a pair or you’ll walk with a limp, but I only ever eat one.

Ngow Gun (Beef Tendon)
This slippery dish is difficult to pick up. Beef tendon is slowly braised in a sauce. The textures of this dish can range from crunchy with a little bit of a bite, to quite soft and slightly sticky (due to all the collagen inside).

Beef Honeycomb Tripe (Ngow Toe)
The honeycomb tripe is cooked until tender and steamed in black bean and garlic sauce. The sauce gathers in the honeycomb which makes it delicious.

Gau Choy Gow (Pork and Chives Dumplings)
A mixture of garlic chives and chopped prawns wrapped in a chewy dumpling wrapper. I love the chewy dough, I usually eat the filling first and leave the outside for last.

Har Gow (Prawn Dumplings)
Minced prawn and bamboo shoots wrapped in a chewy dumpling wrapper. This dish is a classic yum cha dish. I often imitate the ladies pushing the trolleys and say “Yoo wan some prown dumpling?”.

Lo Mai Gai (Glutinous Rice Tamale with Chicken)
This cubic lotus-leaf package contains glutinous rice, stuffed with chicken and pork, sausage and vegetables. This dish is quite filling but well worth giving up a dumpling or two.

Lo Mai Goon (Sticky Rice Bun)
Glutinous rice and sausage is wrapped in a soft bao (bun) dough then steamed. Carbs in carbs? Yes!

Yu Jook (Fish Congee)
An asian porridge of rice cooked down in water and then a variety of ingredients can be added. In this case it is fish, but my favourite is lean pork with thousand year old egg. The congee is topped with fried squares of wonton wrappers and shallots.

Ngow Jap (Mixed Beef Innards)
A mixture of beef innards stewed in a thin sauce. As asians, we try and make use of the entire animal. I love it, it means we don’t waste as much. My favourite is the beef liver as it’s so spongy and soft.

Gai Lan with Yu Darn (Chinese Greens with Fish Balls)
Long stalks of these green vegetables are blanched and served with a soy-based sauce. At Prince Restaurant, you can get light hand-made fish balls to accompany your vegetables. I love the stem of the vegetables more than the leaves and the fish balls are so light and spongy, nothing like what you buy in asian supermarkets.

Bao Yu Jup Arp Jeung (Duck Feet in Abalone Sauce)
The duck feet are slowly simmered in abalone sauce so that the sauce penetrates deep inside. There is collagen in this dish which leaves my mouth feeling very sticky. This is one of my least favourite dishes.

Cheung Fun (Rice Noodle Rolls)
Wide, long white rice noodles are steamed and then stuffed and rolled. These rice noodles are stuffed with something that resembles a spring roll. The filling is minced prawns wrapped in a wonton pastry, fried then rolled up in the rice noodles. These need to be specially ordered from a waiter and are made-to-order.

Jar Leung (Rice Noodle Rolls with Chinese Doughnut)
The cheung fan (rice noodle rolls) are quite silky against the crispy doughnut. These often need to be ordered to ensure that the inside doughnut is crispy when it reaches your table.

Jin Cheung Fun (Pan-Fried Rice Noodle Rolls)
Wide, long white rice noodles, speckled with green onions and dried shrimp are pan-fried until slightly brown and are served with hoisin and peanut sauce.

Yao Yu Sou (Crispy Fried Squid)
Sliced squid pieces and tentacles are dipped in seasoned flour and deep-fried. An asian version of hot chips?

Jar Har Gok (Deep-Fried Prawn Wontons)
Prawn wontons are deep-fried and are accompanied by a chinese mayonnaise salad sauce. Crispy on the outside, warm and juicy on the inside, dipped in a tangy sauce. Yum.

Pei Dan Sou (Century Egg Pastry)
A thousand year old egg is encased in lotus paste and wrapped in a flaky pastry. It’s a balance of savoury and sweet.

Nai Wong Bo Lo Bao (Pineapple Bun with Custard)
From the outside it looks like a normal pineapple bun, but when you rip it in half, you will find a filling of custard. Chinese custard is not like normal everyday custard you find in the supermarket, our custards are thicker and are mostly found in baos (buns).

Darn Tart (Egg Tart)
Small, flaky pastry tarts, filled with egg custard, baked until golden brown and served warm. The filling is soft and sweet and it’s the only part I eat of this dish. The pastry is nice but it goes everywhere because it is so flaky.

Lao Leen Sou (Durian Pastry)
One of my dad’s specialities. Durian flesh is wrapped in a flaky pastry and then baked. The flavour of the durian seems to have mellowed during the baking process, I think even non-durian lovers will give it a try.

Ngow Lei Sou (“Beef Tongue” Pastry)
Now, this is a dessert. It is NOT beef, nor is there any meat in it. It’s like kind of like a chinese doughnut, or a yau char kwai/yau tiew, but the centre is slightly sweet. I like to call these footballs as they are the same shape. This is another one of my dad’s specialities and is quite often snapped up once it leaves the kitchen.

Mango Pancakes
Fresh mango and fresh whipped cream is wrapped in a mango crepe. This dessert is loved by everyone, it isn’t too sweet either.

I think the dishes at Prince Restaurant are quite good for value. The more people you have, the more you can try and the cheaper everything seems to be. I remember this meals costs us less than $15 per person which is pretty good as we were stuffed after. Tea is free apart from public holidays which saves you a couple of dollars. However, don’t expect the service to be that great. As with many chinese restaurants, many Chinese people don’t have much manners, it is about par for me. The restaurant is pretty packed during the weekend and you should get here at about 11:30 to secure a seat. There is 2 hours free parking downstairs or you can choose to park in Parramatta Westfield which is a short walk away. I won’t be going to yum cha again until next year, but if you do go soon, consider checking out this restaurant.

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

Prince Restaurant
100 Church Street
Parramatta NSW 2150
T: (02) 9891 5777

District Dining – Surry Hills, Sydney

I’m writing this post up a second time because WordPress decided to delete 90% of my original post. Sad.

My long awaited visit to District Dining has finally arrived. After pushing my booking back for a week, I spent most of that week excited about my visit. It did not disappoint me in the least. District Dining has been one of the talks of the town since it opened a couple of months ago. It is one of the newest ventures by acclaimed Chef Warren Turnbull, head chef and owner of Assiette. I told the boyfriend about District Dining and he went twice with his colleagues before he went with me. They all loved District Dining since the prices are reasonable and it’s just around the corner from their office. The restaurant is tucked away in a side street, but still can be quite easily found. Exclusivity meets accessibility.

I love the Mondrian style artwork at the entrance.

The boyfriend and I dined at District Dining through Jump On It deal where it was $69 for two 3-course meals and a bottle of wine. The menu was as follows:


Warren Turnbull’s selection of his favourites from the menu

Main, choice of:

Hiramasa kingfish, miso, radish salad, eggplant

Spiced pumpkin, marinated feta, honey, walnuts

Castricum lamb shoulder, cumin, honey, baby carrots

Dessert, choice of:

Efi’s rice pudding, cinnamon ice cream

Strawberries, raspberries, meringue, vanilla cream

Wine, choice of:

Bondeville Blanc. Grenache Blanc: Pineapple, grapefruit and fresh lime

Bondeville Rouge. Syrah: Medium bodied, dark fruits, cinnamon and spice

Bondeville Rouge. Syrah: Medium bodied, dark fruits, cinnamon and spice
I’m not a fan of wine. Actually, I’m not a big fan of alcohol. I let the boyfriend drink the wine and he managed to get through half before he felt a little bit tipsy. He felt the wine was quite strong and regretted not choosing the white wine.

Orange Juice $4.50
Bottled, not fresh. Still, it was nice and refreshing.

Warren Turnbull’s selection of his favourites from the menu

Veal Tongue, Pickled Turnip, Salsa Verde, Almonds
Now I know many people don’t like the idea of eating an animal’s tongue, but I have to say it is one of the most delicious parts of a cow or ox. This veal tongue was so soft. I could feel the tenderness as I pricked my fork into the tongue. The pickled turnip and the salsa verde worked well with the tongue.

Crispy Quail Eggs, Tarragon, Anchovy Mayonnaise
I would say this dish is like Quay’s Snow Egg. First you have the crispy outer layer, then when you crack into the centre, you find yourself faced with a perfectly cooked white and a runny yolk. Ultimately, it was like eating a deep fried poached egg. The mayonnaise provided the saltiness to this dish.

Smoked Eel Pate, Cucumber, Bread Roll
I don’t like pate, but I gave it a shot. The boyfriend, who doesn’t like seafood, enjoyed this dish. The sliced cucumber was quite refreshing though. That is all.

White Asparagus, Salmon, Radish, Citrus Salad
Yum, yum, yum! I love asparagus, and I love it even more when it is cooked properly. Quickly blanched enabling the vegetable to retain its crunch. The citrus salad is so appetizing and it worked quite well with the asparagus. This part was so moreish absolutely delicious. If you gave me a whole plate of this, I would gobble it down in no time. Downside is that it doesn’t seem to be on the menu.

Hiramasa Kingfish, Miso, Radish Salad, Eggplant
The fish was so well cooked, the fish was so moist and succulent. The crunchiness of the cucumber and radish give the dish some texture and pepperiness. The only thing I didn’t like about this dish was the eggplant and normally I love eggplant.

Castricum Lamb Shoulder, Cumin, Honey, Baby Carrots
It was SO soft. The lamb was cooked to perfection and it just melted in my mouth. The carrot puree was so smooth and silky, it just slides down your throat. The only off putting thing about this dish was an oily substance that was leeching from the puree or the lamb, it just went everywhere.

Strawberries, Raspberries, Meringue, Vanilla Cream
Who doesn’t love a pile of meringue, cream and fruit? This pile of strawberries, freeze dried raspberries and meringue covered in a mass of vanilla cream then topped with a quenelle of tart raspberry sorbet. This dessert was absolute heaven.

Efi’s Rice Pudding, Cinnamon Ice Cream

Efi’s Rice Pudding
This was the most creamiest and nicest rice pudding I have had in my life. It was not stodgy at all and was so moreish. If I could’ve licked the jar clean, I would have.

Cinnamon Ice Cream
This was served on a bed of cookie crumbs which gave it some texture. Just remember to try and eat all the ice cream before it melts all over the board, licking the board is not appealing to others.

Overall I loved this restaurant. The presentation of each dish is quite interesting and unique. Jar, chopping boards and even tin cans. The staff are quite friendly, especially our waitress Lauren. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone out there looking for a reasonably price meal. Many of Warren Turnbull’s dishes are cooked to perfection, I’m just picky. The atmosphere is very relaxed and the location is very convenient. I will be sure to return again. The boyfriend loves it even more than I do, he’s already been there four times!

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

District Dining
17 Randle Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
(02) 9211 7798

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Jasmin 1 – Punchbowl, Sydney

One of my favourite restaurants that I discovered this year hasn’t got any hats and they don’t have degustation menus either. Instead, it is a Lebanese restaurant that serves generous servings of great food with a smile. I first visited this restaurant after a recommendation from one of the boyfriend’s colleagues. It was an instant hit with all of my friends. The food is cheap, the interior is well decorated and the locals go there, it MUST be good!

The motif on the wall has been so artistically painted on.

Even the ceilings are made to look like the sky.

The walls of this restaurant are just breathtaking. The effort gone into each wall can be seen through the intricate detailing. Instead of hanging a piece of artwork up, the wall has become the artwork. I haven’t seen a restaurant like this before.

The staff are nice and friendly. Our usual waiter is not working tonight, but they are all as friendly as the next. The boss mans the register but comes around every so often to see how we are doing. He always has a smile on his face which is passed onto the customer. I think my friends and I have been there enough times that the boss gives us a smile that seems to say ‘welcome back’.

The boyfriend and I head to the drinks fridge. So many choices, so many different things that I’ve never seen anywhere else.

Kazouza Tamarind $3.00
This is my all time favourite drink when I visit Jasmin 1. It’s a carbonated drink with tamarind and rose water. The drink is slightly tangy and is not overly sweet.

Cade Pink Cocktail $3.00
This pink drink tasted like pink lemonade. I’ve always thought it was weird how it is called a cocktail. It also comes in a blue cocktail, according to my friend, it tastes ‘blue’.

Bavaria Peach Malt Non-Alcoholic Beer $3.00
Yes, it does taste like beer. For all those who are craving a beer without the alcohol, here’s your drink. I personally do not like beer, but Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol can have a taste of what beer tastes like.

The food comes on big trays that rest of the waiter’s shoulders. I would probably collapse under the weight, but these young boys are strong.

Complimentary Vegetables: Mint, Tomato, Olives, Gherkins, Pickled Turnip, Pickled Feferoni (?), Onions.

Complimentary Chilli Dip
I’m not a fan of chilli. From what I had of it, it is quite spicy.

Complimentary Tahini Sesame  Seed Dip
Not a fan of this dip at all. In fact it was hardly touched during the entire meal.

Complimentary Toum Garlic Dip
YUM! It is basically garlic cloves blended together with olive oil. It is quite strong but also so delicious. Make sure you have some gum with you to chew after your meal though.

Complimentary Lebanese Bread
You can’t have Lebanese cuisine without some lebanese bread. The bread is so fresh and soft. The bread is all-you-can-eat, but why would you fill up on bread when you have lovely dips and meat to eat.

Doner Kebab $12.00
Marinated steaks with spices cooked on rotating skewers. It was quite flavourful and moist.

Falafel $7.00
Cracked chick peas, cum with herbs and spices, fried in vegetable oil. The crunchiest and most tasty falafel I’ve had in my life. You won’t even realise that you’re not eating meat.

Kebbeh $12.00
Mince meat, crushed wheat and spices fried in vegetable oil. I find this slightly dry but the boyfriend loves it.

Standard Mixed Plate $15.00
This is for the indecisive part in all of us. In this you get:
Hommus: Mashed chick peas, sesame seed paste, lemon juice and garlic.
Baba Ghannouj: Mashed eggplants, sesame seed paste, lemon juice and garlic.
Falafel: Cracked chick peas, cum with herbs and spices, fried in vegetable oil.
Kafta: Mince meat, parsley, onion and spices grilled on skewers.
Shish Kebab: Lamb cubes grilled on skewer.
Charcoal Chicken: Chicken charcoal grilled until tender.
Kebbeh: Mince meat, crushed wheat and spices fried in vegetable oil.
Tabbouleh:Chopped parsley, onion, mint, tomatoes, lemon juice and oil.
You get a little taste of everything. Truthfully, one plate is enough to feed two people. At $15.00 a plate, this dish is a steal. My favourite is the kafta, it is so moist and flavourful. Best of all you get two kafta skewers on this plate of choice.

I think Jasmin 1 is a great value-for-money restaurant. The decorations are unique, the servings are generous, the prices are cheap as, and to top it all off, the staff are so friendly! It may be quite a drive for some people, but I think it’s worth it to drive 45 minutes for this meal. Jasmin has many other restaurants in Lakemba, Auburn and Bankstown. I haven’t been to their other restaurants in fear they won’t be as good. But I heard from a little birdie that there is a new one located a lot closer to the city. I shall investigate and report on it. Until then..

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

Jasmin 1
224 The Boulevarde
Punchbowl NSW 2196
T: (02) 9740 7866

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Y Frozen Yoghurt Bar – Neutral Bay, Sydney

Now I’m the type of person who absolutely loves frozen yoghurt. I find it refreshing and not as heavy or creamy as ice cream. The tang and the tartness makes it a light dessert that doesn’t weigh you down so late at night.

While talking through Neutral Bay a couple of months ago, I walked past the Y Frozen Yoghurt Bar. The concept is great, make-your-own frozen yoghurt. Obviously you don’t literally make it, but you do fill up our own cup and top it up with a variety of toppings to choose from, then all you have to do is weigh and pay. There is no complaining of getting not enough yoghurt, or not enough toppings.

After a night of partying and rides at Luna Park for this year’s Movember Gala Parté, the boyfriend and I decided to drive to Neutral Bay to cool down with some frozen yoghurt.

As you enter Y Frozen Yoghurt Bar, you are met with a bright open area. The assistant behind the counter asks if you’ve ever been there before. If you haven’t she explains the whole process and you are one step closer to tasting delicious frozen yoghurt.

At the back of the store are the frozen yoghurt machines and the instructions plastered on the wall.

On this occasion, there were four flavours to choose from: Original, Mango, Passionfruit, Greentea.

Instructions to how to make your frozen yoghurt. It is quite fun doing it yourself.

My mixture of swirls.
Top left going clockwise: Mango, Original, Greentea, Passionfruit.

Choice of toppings: Muesli, Passionfruit Pulp, Dried Fruit.

More toppings: Mini M&M’s, Oreos, Desiccated Coconut, Chocolate Drops, Almond Flakes, Cereal, Gummi Bears, Yoghurt Drops, Tim Tams.
Sorry about the bad photo, yoghurt was meeeeeelting.

Tada! The boyfriend and my creations. You will never guess how much this cost us…it cost us $18.00, yes, you read that right, $18.00 in total! Overpriced much?

The boyfriend’s creation: Greentea and Mango Frozen Yoghurt with Gummi Bears and Almond Flakes.

My creation: Original, Mango, Passionfruit and Greentea Frozen Yoghurt with Gummi Bears and Oreos.

There are seats and tables for you to sit and munch on your creations. I spent most of the time munching and in disbelief in how expensive my cup of frozen yoghurt was.

The pricing of the frozen yoghurt is as follows:

FroYo with toppings          $3.30 – 100g
(mix & match allowed)

FroYo without toppings          $3.00 – 100g
(mix & match allowed)

FroYo in a cone          $4.00
(single flavour & no toppings)

Fruit Parfait          $6.50
(original froyo & 2 fruit & granola)

Take away tubs          $10.00

Yes, the frozen yoghurt was nice. And yes, it did satisfy my cravings. The whole concept is great, but I think they should put down their prices a little bit. Even if it was $2.50 per 100g, our frozen yoghurts still would have been at a reasonable price of approximate $13. While our two cups of frozen yoghurt cost us $18.00, we could’ve easily bought two tubs for $10.00 each, which meant we would’ve gotten even more frozen yoghurt. The pricing is a little bit deceptive once you’ve realised what you’ve done, but by then it’s too late. As humans, our perception of weight isn’t the best and this is where they get us.

In comparison to other frozen yoghurt bars such as wowcow, Y Frozen Yoghurt Bar is heavily overpriced. While I probably won’t return to this store soon, I may return if I have a craving after dinner and can’t be bothered driving out to the city. However, they should consider lowering their prices to increase traffic to their store, but maybe they are going for that part of the market that is willing to pay $9 for a cup of froyo.

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

Y Frozen Yoghurt Bar Neutral Bay
180 Military Road
Neutral Bay NSW 2089


Victoria Noodle Restaurant – Chatswood, Sydney

Want to feel like you’re in Hong Kong without the long plane ride? Just head down the stairs of Victoria Plaza, past the seafood and meat shop and tada! Tucked away in a little corner is Victoria Noodle Restaurant.

Through the glass you can see the ‘car seats’ along the side of the restaurant. These are quickly filled up as asians have this thing about sitting in the car spaces. They always seem to be the table of choice. I guess it feels like you’re in your own little private booth away from the rest of the restaurant. My cousin and I quickly made a bee-line to a ‘car seat’.

We slide into our seats and are immediately presented with menus and a glass of tea for me, and hot water for my cousin (NB: They give all children hot water instead of tea). I don’t even need to pick up the menu and I’ve already made up my mind. On the wall there is their daily special set lunch menu. It’s a good deal for what you get and what they’re offering looks good. If you do choose to look through the menu, be prepared to be faced with endless possibilities. My eyes begin to spin at the many choices. I am given to task to search out a dish that my cousin loves but she doesn’t know the name of. She tries to describe it to me and after minutes of searching, success. My mum arrives and is like me, she decides to just order the set lunch. Like mother, like daughter right?

The set lunch come in at a steal at $13.50 and comes with the following:

  • Butter Roll
  • Boscht Soup
  • Your choice of Grilled Chicken with Garlic Cream Sauce or Pork Chop with B.B.Q. Sauce with Spaghetti or Rice
  • Coffee Or Tea, cold options are an extra 50 cents

Butter Roll
The bread roll smells so buttery and nice. The insides are pillowy soft and soak up the butter that you lather onto it. Try it with some soup, but I prefer eating it  straight up.

Borscht Soup
A chunky tomato based soup with beef and a variety of vegetables. It is quite light and warms up your body.


Pork Chop with B.B.Q. Sauce with Rice
It sounds like a weird combination but I love pork, and I love BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauce is not overly tangy but I’m not sure it goes well with the rice.

Grilled Chicken with Garlic Cream Sauce with Rice
The creaminess of the sauce is absolutely delightful. It isn’t overpowered by the garlic, I didn’t even realise it was a garlic sauce until I looked back on the menu. The chicken is nice and moist and best of all, it’s boneless. I think this would be great with spaghetti as well.

Cold Milk Tea
This ice tea doesn’t just taste a cold glass of English Breakfast that you’ve just left on the bench. I think they use like condensed milk to give it a very smooth and silky texture. It’s just very nice.

Cold Coffee
I don’t drink coffee so I can’t really say much about the coffee.

Mushroom Cream Soup $7.50
The soup is very thick and creamy as expected. The mushroom flavour however seems to be overpowered by all the cream in the soup. Although, having said that, it was still a very enjoyable soup.

Baked Chicken with Portuguese Sauce $13.00
The smell of this dish is just wonderful. The crisp crust from being baked makes it seem like you’re eating fried chicken, but not. The portuguese sauce is flavourful and plentiful, there is enough to coat all the rice given to you.

Overall I enjoyed my meal here. The servings are generous and the dishes are reasonably priced. As it is called Victoria Noodle Restaurant, there is obviously something unique about their noodles. Although I didn’t order it, the restaurant does offer ‘Self Choose Cart Noodles’ (they have these all over Hong Kong). You get to choose four toppings ranging from dumplings to vegetables and you choose the types of noodles or rice. All this only comes to $11 which is not too bad. I heard from my cousin that although it may not look that big, it is in fact quite filling. I must return to try this ‘Self Choose Cart Noodles’ again, it suits me as I’m always picky about the things I want in my noodles.

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

Victoria Noodle Restaurant
Shop A8, Lower Level, Victoria Plaza
369 Victoria Avenue
Chatswood NSW 2068
T: (02) 9410 1822

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Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant – Chatswood, Sydney

I’m not a big fan of spicy food. I always seem to break out in pimples if I eat too much chilli, so I try and avoid it as much as I can. I also don’t really like not being able to feel my tongue or lips when I eat food that is too spicy. However, the call of the new Sichuan restaurant in Chatswood was too strong.

Once you step into the restaurant, you are transported to China. The interior of the restaurant is decked out in furniture from China. It’s not that it’s a bad thing, it just reminds me of when I was in China at the beginning of this year. Ah, memories. However, I’m sure that we’re a lot cleaner in Australia than they are in China.

We are seated at a table with a glass tabletop, it’s weird being able to see your feet while you’re flipping through the encyclopaedia of a menu. Truthfully, the menu wasn’t THAT thick, it was quite big though. It gave me the feeling of trying to read the Sydney Morning Herald on a cramped train (reminds me of a clip I saw on Chaser’s War on Everything). The pictures were great though, I love a menu with heaps of pictures. They were vibrant and making me salivate. Everything looked so good, but there was only 3 of us (the boyfriend, dad and me), so we couldn’t order too much. To my surprise, I found out that dad had never eaten Sichuan food before. Guess it makes sense, he’s not a fan of spicy food either.

Nevertheless, they have a great range of spicy and non spicy options to suit all palates. Whether you’re into spicy foods or a pansy like me, you’ll find something that you’ll enjoy. Every table received complementary pickles, which is a nice appetizer as it whets your appetite. Unfortunately, I spent so much time taking photos that the boyfriend and my dad gobbled most of it up before I had a chance, and the waiter wasn’t willing to give me a little top up.

Complimentary Sichuan Pickles
A mixture of cabbage, carrot and turnip pickled in a vinegar and chilli solution.

Complimentary Pickled Garlic
Surprisingly the pickled garlic is quite appetizing and mild in flavour, not the pungent garlic flavour you expect.

Complimentary Pickled Cucumber
Slightly too soft for my liking, I prefer my pickles to be quite crunchy. The softer it is, the longer it has been sitting in the pickling liquid, which means it will be quite sour.

Sliced Beef, Beef Tongue and Tripe with Chilli Sauce $9.80
Everything was very tender which contrasted nicely with the crunchy peanuts. I avoided mixing it with the chilli sauce to save myself. However, everything was in a heap which didn’t allow me to identify the 3 elements that made up this dish. It did seem like most of it was sliced beef.

Jellyfish Head with Sliced Cucumbers, Red Chillies in Chilli Oil $16.80
I love jellyfish. I think most Asians love jellyfish. Yes, the animal is weird and many would never eat it, but I think the texture and the taste are absolutely wonderful. The jellyfish has an elastic texture, yet it is crunchy on the outside. Go figure.

Steamed Pork with Sweet Potatoes $16.60
The pork sits on a bed of sweet potatoes with a generous serving of sauce on top of this gorgeous mound. The pork is so soft and wonderful. It pairs well with the sweet potato as there is the combination of salty and sweet. Asians love incorporating sweetness into a dish, the sweet potato’s natural sweetness played the role quite well.

Accompanying Bao Dumpling with the Steamed Pork and Sweet Potato
This acts like rice in accompanying a dish. However, this bao was quite dry and hard and did not do anything to enhance the dish.

Hot Pot Beef $20.80
The look of this dish is quite scary. The beef is in a bowl of molten-like chilli oil. Luckily they have a slotted spoon for you to scoop out the beef without too much chilli oil attached. The beef is so soft and I guess I would call it silky. You don’t feel like you’re eating beef at all.

Diced Deep Fried Chicken with Hot Dry Chilli $18.80
I know this just looks like a plate of dried chillies, but in actual fact, there are small cubes of chicken hiding in the skins of the chillies. This dish just reminds me of popcorn chicken from KFC. I don’t like having to search through a mount of chillies to find a small piece of chicken.

Steamed and Deep Fried Chinese Bread served with Condensed Milk $9.80
I wouldn’t call this ‘bread’, these are mantous. I live off this when I go back to China. I’m more of a fan of the steamed mantou rather than the fried. The condensed milk makes this dish a dessert, but it can be also be eaten with savoury dishes as an alternative to rice.

By the end of the meal, my belly is full and my lips are quite numb. The chilli has taken its toll on me even though I tried to avoid it at any chance I had. The thing about Sichuan food is that each dish may not be as spicy as it looks. However, while you progress through the meal, each piece of food you put into your mouth, even when it’s not spicy, seems that little bit more spicy. By the end of the meal, you would have felt like you ate a chilli straight up. But give it some time and you will start to feel your tongue and lips again, then you’ll want to try it all over again.

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant
1/272 Victoria Avenue
Chatswood NSW 2067
T: (02) 9411 3298

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