Jack New (Chef Black Jacket)

I first met Jack at the beginning of this year when I started my Hospitality degree at William Blue. Jack was quiet and kept to himself a lot, little did I know that he was a fellow foodie. He loved food with such a passion, it was quite admirable. He’s one of those people who are not afraid to experiment with different flavours and to mix what seemed like savoury ingredients into a sweet dish.

His latest obsession is beetroot. I personally absolutely love beetroot. It’s such a unique vegetable. The colour, the flavour the texture. I love how beetroot is a natural dye and it stains onto other ingredients in a dish. Also, it just seems so Australia to love beetroot. Maybe it’s because I was born and raised in this beautiful country that I love many things that are considered ‘Australian’. So I was intrigued when Jack made dishes such as cakes, crepes, souffles,  and penne out of the humble beetroot. He even managed to candy beetroot, I’m impressed.

Beetroot and Chocolate Cake with Creme Anglais, Chocolate Sauce and Raspberries

Jack currently runs a blog where you can ask all sort of food related questions. If you want him to post a recipe with a certain ingredient in it, feel free to ask. Other bloggers such as yourtimetoshine requested for a recipe with lemon in it, soon after Jack posted a recipe for a classic lemon meringue pie.

His inspiration for his blog stemmed from when he realised that some of his friends lacked any knowledge of anything to do with food. This has become a common things amongst the younger generations as there seems to be an easy access to both processed and fast food. With this in mind, Jack thought, “Well, if I’m going to try and educate these people, I may as well try and educate everyone else as well.” So that’s what he set out to do. Not only does he educate people through his blog, but he also holds masterclasses to teach people with a hands on approach.

Jack plating up one of his latest recipes (Chicken with Roast Apple and Beetroot Salad)

At the age of 18, Jack has submerged himself in the world of food. He currently works at Centennial Park Dining in Sydney. His experience takes him from Bistro C in Noosa Heads, Queensland, to Pier Restaurant in Sydney’s Rose Bay. At such a young age, he has worked in an array of restaurants. I hope to see him succeed in his journey to educate the masses.

Jack’s favourites:

  • His favourite receipe is his Beetroot and Chocolate Cake (as seen above). He loves it as it’s “a little weird but still tastes heaps good.”
  • His favourite restaurant at the moment is Baroque in Sydney’s The Rocks. He enjoys their take on modern french cuisine.
  • His favourite chef is Rick Stein. Rick Stein helped Jack fall in love with cooking.

Jack’s tip that everyone should follow is “that cooking should always be creation and not construction, the more love you put into your meal, the better it will taste!” Such wise words that are so true. There is a feeling of self satisfaction when you cook up a meal from scratch and share it with loved ones. You put your heart into cooking it and your friends and family will taste it as well.

Jack is currently writing a book called Black Jacket. He will also begin to film a web series also called Black Jacket in November of this year.

“Black Jacket is going to be the name of a show, a book and most of all a movement. To change what food is to the next generation, to change the focus of food from consumption to creation.

To inspire Generation Y to eat healthier, to show them that the pinnacle of the food world isn’t the double whopper burger in fact.. it’s not even the $5 stunner deal. Shock Horror.

Using mine and other peoples time and experiences in the hospitality industry we will make Black Jacket a movement to take good food and make it accessible to the new age of high school and uni students, to create a better future for food and to raise up a new generation of ‘foodies’.” ~ Jack New.

Visit Jack’s blog and ask him some questions. I’m sure he’ll be willing to answer your questions.

Happy nom nom nom-ing!