MasterChef Live 2010

So what is everyone doing on Friday? I know where I’ll MasterChef Live 2010. I’ve just received information that MasterChef Live is giving away free promotional tickets for Friday 10th December. So if you want to go for FREE, print and complete the form and present on arrival. It’s as simple as that. Although you don’t get a seat in the MasterChef Live Theatre Show or the Jaguar VIP Lounge, there are a stackload of demonstrations and other foodie things to see.

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

Chef’s Armoury – Sydney Event

Hi Everyone!

I received a newsletter from Chef’s Armoury (one of the sponsors of the Iron Chef event in Sydney a couple of weeks ago). Inside there was a section where you can sign up for free events that will be happening in Roseberry in August. They sound quite interesting so I will be attending some of them with the boyfriend and his sister. If you guys are interested you should sign up as well.

Events that are still open include:

Saturday 7 August

Sashimi and Filleting Demonstration 10:30am

Kyoto Green Tea and Sweets 1:00pm

Saturday 21 August

How to make Takoyaki Demonstration 11:00am

The Saturday 24 July How to Make Authentic Oden and Nabe Demonstration is fully booked but we have been put on the waitlist. Hopefully you guys have some time to go.

Check out their free events link:

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

Lunch on Lawson’s

Hi Everyone!

Long time no type. Just wanted to tell everyone about Lunch on Lawson’s. There are many restaurants around Sydney that are giving away free sandwiches this week and next week. Who doesn’t love a free lunch? Just go to:, register your details for a restaurant, print out your confirmation email and take it to the restaurant on the day of the free lunch for a free sandwich. Some of them look delicious! I will be going to most of them, but unfortunately I can’t make it to all of them. But everyone should take advantage of this freebie, it sounds delicious!

Happy nom nom nom-ing!