Gelato Messina – Darlinghurst, Sydney

When I visited this gelato shop I knew I’d be back again. I just didn’t realise it would be so soon. My family and I had some dessert there last Thursday night, then I went again with the boyfriend and the kids on Friday night. This place is arguably one of the best gelato shops in Sydney. Not only do they sell gelato, but they have a wide range of gelato cakes are look so tempting. Their gelato is made fresh on the premises daily and they offer a range of 40 flavour. These flavours range from the weird: Satay (which tastes like salty peanut butter), to the wonderful: Pavlova (this is absolutely delicious with pieces of crushed meringue, passionfruit and I think raspberry). So many choices, so many delicious flavours. I felt like I was a kid in a candy gelato shop.

Variety of Gelato Cakes

Black Forest – Chocolate Gelato & Kirsch Mousse

This Black Forest reminds me of Heston Blumenthal’s version of his perfect Black Forest. The full cake looks even more like Blumenthal’s Black Forest cake as they both look like bricks.

No name cake.

Bombe Alaska – Hazelnut Gelato with Italian Meringue


Look at the beautiful mounds of gelato.

So much choice!

Saffron with Pistachio Praline

My scoop was Saffron with Pistachio Praline wasn’t very tasty. The truth is, it tasted like I was eating plastic. Although after a couple of bites, it tasted a lot better. There were little pieces of the Pistachio Praline with gave it a slightly crunch texture. I eventually got through my scoop and got used to the flavour. However, I won’t be ordering that flavour again.

The boyfriend got Fig in Masala. He found it slightly too sweet, otherwise he did find it quite nice.

The kids (Clarissa and Rosanna) got Pavlova and Milk Chocolate Brownie, respectively. I had had Pavlova the night before and absolutely loved it. The Milk Chocolate Brownie was very lovely as well, there were chunks of brownie which added to the flavour. Why do kids choose the nicest flavours?

This place is great for dessert. Although parking is hard it find, driving around until you find a spot is well worth it when you taste the gelato. Next time I’ll make sure to ask for a little taste test before buying an entire scoop. If you’re courageous and willing to experiment with different flavours, this place is for you. The staff are friendly and plentisome so there isn’t much waiting to be done. The shop is quite small, so unless you get a table, you have to go in, get your gelato and get out. But it doesn’t matter because the gelato doesn’t last very long. I love this place!

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

Gelato Messina

Shop 1/241 Victoria Street
Darlinghurts NSW 2010

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