Sushi Tei – Chifley Square, Sydney

The boyfriend visited here a couple of weeks ago with his friends and raved about this place. He finally decided to take me and the ‘kids’ (my 2 little cousins that we absolutely adore, we call them our daughters) there the other night. The restaurant was quite easy to find with heaps of street parking nearby. The restaurant is quite open and has views of the street outside. The ambiance is quite low key and relaxed, coupled with the friendly staff, it was quite a welcoming place. We were presented with a menu that kind of resembled an encyclopedia. The menu was big and was scattered with many tempting photos of their food items. Everything looked so good and I wanted to order so many things. Alas, there is only a limit to how much our stomaches can hold. Now onto the food.

Dai Dai Roll – Crab Stick, Salmon, Mango Special Sushi Roll

Dai Dai (Japanese for ‘orange’) roll plays on the usual way sushi is prepared. Fresh salmon envelopes a combination of seaweed, fragrant sushi rice, crab stick and sweet, ripe mango, with twin colour sauces created using orange juice, chili and mayonnaise to lend piquant flavours to the dish.

Potato Croquette

Very crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. This was definitely a favourite with the kids. Although it’s deep fried, the oil has been well drained, there is no oily residue when eating it.

Beef Sukiyaki

The soup is very flavoursome and all the ingredients absorb the flavour. The pot was empty by the end of the night. The boyfriend had previously tried the Wagyu Sukiyaki, he found that the Wagyu was a lot more tender in comparison with the Beef, although both soups were quite delightful.

Zaru Cha Soba – Green Tea Soba

A slight green tea flavour with a very refreshingly cold dipping sauce. The Soba was a very nice palate cleanser.

Jo Una Ju – Premium Eel Rice

Although slightly more pricey than most Unagi rice served in other restaurants, it was still quite delicious. However, there was not much difference in flavour between this dish and other eel dishes served in other restaurants.

Teriyaki Tsukune – Grilled Minced Chicken and Pork with Teriyaki Sauce

This reminded me of eating Japanese Hamburg, just on a skewer. The flavours went well together and there was a slight crunch from the onions in the mixture. When the waiter brought it to the table, I didn’t think it was ours. The picture in the menu looked completely different to what was being served. But I was willing to forgive due to the taste of the dish.

The meal was quite satisfactory. There was more than enough for 2 adults and 2 kids. The kids loved the potato croquette and the eel rice. Sushi Tei also has a lovely selection of sushi and sashimi, but I wanted to try the hot food items more. I think this restaurant will be a new favourite of mine which I will frequent more when I’m in the area. The staff are friendly, the location is good, the prices are reasonably. Go try this restaurant when you’re in the area.

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

Sushi Tei

1 Chifley Square
Sydney NSW 2000

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