Heston Blumenthal

Whenever people ask me who my favourite celebrity chef is, my answer is always Heston Blumenthal. He is my idol. Ever since I learnt about him, my dream is to visit his restaurants in the United Kingdom. When I heard that he was coming to Australia, I nearly had a heart attack. I had to go. I can officially say that I will be attending his only Australian show. I wish I got better tickets, but these aren’t too shabby. I’m so excited to see what he has to say.

I guess it’s kind of scary to be able to see you idol in person, rather than see them through a screen. I’m sure he will not personally talk to me, but just to have the chance to see him in person is enough. Oh I’m so silly, I’m tearing up as I think about it. I’ve never really admired any real celebrity until now, but I think he’s just fab (I’m getting into my ‘English’ lingo).

If any of you are interested in going, you can buy your tickets through Ticketmaster or alternatively just Google “Heston Blumenthal – Out of the Kitchen, Live – Grilled by Matt Preston”. I saw that Showbiz was selling tickets as well, but their seats are not as good and are more expensive.

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

Lao Village – Fairfield, Sydney

On Saturday, while it was 30°C where I live, I decided to venture out towards the west where the temperature was hitting 33°C. Why would I do that? For the love of food of course. After an intense night of drinking with friends, I built up enough strength to jump into the car and drive to Fairfield to have lunch.

I have been visiting Lao Village since my high school days (at least 8 years ago). I have always loved this place. I don’t know how I found out about it, but it has been one of my favourite restaurants since forever. Although the interior looks a little bit run down and old, the food and the friendliness of the staff makes up for it. I have seen the price of the dishes go up slowly, but the prices are still quite reasonable in this day and age.

I always seem to order the same dishes every time I visit. I like to order what I know I will absolutely enjoy. Without further ado, here comes the food.

Paw Paw Salad Lao Style with Crab and Anchovies $8.00
The crunchiness of the raw paw paw gives this dish some texture. It absorbs the saltiness from the anchovies and sauce. The paw paw entangles some dried shrimp, and tomato to create a very pleasant salad.

BBQ Marinated Ox Tongue $8.00
This is where my love for ox tongue began. The ox tongue is cooked to perfection, moist with a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Squid Salad $9.00
Every time I go to Lao Village, I ALWAYS order this dish. The squid is so soft and it is drenched in a tangy fish sauce. I’m not a fan of onion so usually by the end, only the onions are left on the plate, but my mum swears they taste delicious.

Lao Pork Sausage and Dried Beef (Lao Beef Jerky) $8.00
You can normally get these two separately at $8.00 a pop, or you can choose to sample these on the same dish, they just give you half and half.

The Lao Pork Sausage is quite moist and flavourful. I would have preferred it to be a little bit more cooked as the inside had a kind of raw meat texture. Cooking it more would’ve created a contrast between the crunchy outside and the soft filling.

The Dried Beef (Lao Beef Jerky) is my least favourite dish. I find the beef quite dry (I know it’s jerky, but the ones they sell in Cabramatta are so moist) and quite fatty.

A seemingly innocent egg..

..but it is in actual fact a Balut, a Baby Duck Egg $2.50
Balut, for readers who don’t know, is a fertilized duck egg with a nearly developed embryo inside. This means that yes, there may be some bones or if you’re lucky, maybe even some feathers. I cringe at the thought of eating this, but my mum seems to enjoy it.

Sticky Rice $2.50
It is served in a basket made out of bamboo. The sticky rice is served this way as it is a Laotian tradition. The correct way to eat this: you take a ball of  this sticky rice and soak up all the sauce from the Paw Paw Salad and the Squid Salad. Alternatively, you just eat it like you would with normal steamed rice.

I absolutely adore this restaurant. It has been open for 27 years and I hope it will continue to operate for many years to come. It makes driving 45 minutes out west very much worth it. There is another Lao restaurant that is open next door. I have tried it once, but have made up my mind that Lao Village is best Lao restaurant for me.

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

Lao Village
1-3 Anzac Avenue
Fairfield NSW 2165
T: (02) 9728 7136

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MasterChef LIVE Australia

Hi Everyone!

MasterChef LIVE Australia is coming to Sydney in December. Over 3 days there will be live theatre shows, cooking demonstrations, heaps of stalls and a stack of celebrity chefs. Currently, taste.com.au have an offer on. 2 for 1 tickets to MasterChef LIVE! This offer is available for Gold and Silver tickets for the Friday and Sunday. So that’s $70 for 2 Gold tickets, how cheap is that? There are many sessions per day that you can choose from. This offer ends next week, so if you were planning to go then buy your tickets soon. I just bought 4 tickets and I got pretty good seating. I assume this will be like the Good Food and Wine show but better. I’m excited to be going. I hope to bag heaps of goodies!

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

Sugar Hit 2010

One of my favourite things about October (apart from my parent’s birthdays) is that it’s a month devoted to the wide variety of great food we have in Sydney. One of my favourite events that happens during the Sydney International Food Festival are the wonderful array of Sugar Hits on offer. These are essentially desserts created by many chefs around Sydney to showcase their skills and I believe to also introduce people to many restaurants without having the pressure of having to sit down and spend hours on dinner. It gives people to opportunity to pay $20 for a set dessert accompanied by a glass of your choice of Brown Brothers dessert wine, Hennessy Cognac, or some restaurants may offer non-alcoholic drinks to cater for those P-plate drivers (me!). You get to experience the ambiance and the service of the restaurant and in a way lures you into wanting to try out the restaurant sometime in the future. Let me take you on a high through all the sugar and dessert wine I’ve consumed over the last couple of weeks.

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

Gomen kudasai!

I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I’ve had exams and I had to study hard for them. But now I’m free so I should have more time to update more often.

Just a reminder that it is Sydney International Food Festival this month. I have been attending some fabulous Sugar Hits and have booked myself into some demonstrations and courses that are happening this month. I hope that Sydneysiders are able to take this opportunity to experience different foods, as well as different cultures. I love how Sydney is so multicultural. You meet so many different people from so many different walks of life. It gives you an opportunity to expand your mind and to see the world from a different light. I hope everyone has the chance to take part in some events. Sydneysiders, being to unbuckle your pants!

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

Tetsuya’s – Sydney

Hi Everyone!

So a couple of weeks ago my friends (Tommy, Jenny, Clement, Richard, Kerry, Charley and Mona), the boyfriend and I went to Tetsuya’s. We were all so excited as we had been given a private room which we needed during our ‘talks’ throughout the night. Many people have heard of Tetsuya’s, but many people also disagree with the price tag. I have been lucky enough to have been to Tetsuya’s twice now, the first was when my best friend took me there for my 19th birthday (then it was only $175pp, now $200pp). But the excitement was still there. Without further ado, we shall start with our meal.

Butter with Black Truffles and Ricotta

Warm Bread

Warm Chestnut Soup

Pacific Oysters with Rice Vinegar and Ginger

Sashimi of Kingfish with Blackbean and Orange

New Zealand Scampi Tails with Curd and Scampi Jus

Confit Petuna Ocean Trout with Konbu, Celery and Apple

Grilled Fillet of Barramundi with Braised Wood Ear and Chestnut Mushroom

Braised Ox Tail with Sea Cucumber and Yuzu

Twice-Cooked De-Boned Spatchcock with Truffle and Barley Risotto

Seared Veal Fillet with Sea Urchin and Wasabi Butter

Pear Sorbet

Bread and Butter Pudding

Cannellini Beans with Mascarpone and Soy Caramel

Chocolate Pave with Cream Cheese Ice Cream and Cinnamon Twigs

Macarons – Macadamia, Pistachio and Strawberry

Photos courtesy of Jenny Wang.

By the end of the night we were all quite full. All the dishes were delicious. Although my personal favourite would have to be either the oysters or the scampi. I just love scampi!

I did miss my Lemon Scented Floating Island with Vanilla Bean Anglaise though. I was looking forward to it as well. It was the most memorable part of the meal the first time I went to Tetsuya’s. But I was still satisfied with what was served.

What made my experience even better was that I was with such a great group of friends. I love how they’ve all contributed to my blog in their own little way. Especially to the boyfriend who takes me to all these different places. Thank you to you all.

I think if you have a chance to go to Tetsuya’s, you should go. It is quite pricey, but it is well worth it. Soak in the ambiance, soak in the food. You will enjoy it all. I hope I will have more chances to go to Tetsuya’s. I would also love to someday go to Tetsuya’s new restaurant Marina Bay Sands, Waku Ghin. Who wants to go on holidays to Singapore with me?

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

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Lunch on Lawson’s

Hi Everyone!

Long time no type. Just wanted to tell everyone about Lunch on Lawson’s. There are many restaurants around Sydney that are giving away free sandwiches this week and next week. Who doesn’t love a free lunch? Just go to: http://www.lunchonlawsons.com.au/, register your details for a restaurant, print out your confirmation email and take it to the restaurant on the day of the free lunch for a free sandwich. Some of them look delicious! I will be going to most of them, but unfortunately I can’t make it to all of them. But everyone should take advantage of this freebie, it sounds delicious!

Happy nom nom nom-ing!

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